Winnipeg Alternative Media

wam-logoWinnipeg Alternative Media is a grassroots volunteer based organization built in the name of honest reporting, citizen journalism, and “Prairie Truth!”.  As Winnipeg’s first cohesive alternative news media hub, WAM is a grassroots initiative owned and operated by individuals, groups and businesses who are of like mind in the fight for human rights. On issues such as hydrofluosilicic acid in the drinking water, untested vaccines, GMO food, civil liberties, bias in our “mainstream” media, economics and more.

The goal is to build a well designed, effective website to serve as a jumping point and meeting place for those of us who are looking to learn more about these issues, join others in fighting them and build our ideas and tools of social change in more concise and concerted efforts. Whether it be tips on stories, sites to check out, ideas, suggestions, problems, or advertising inquires. Winnipeg Alternative Media is always looking for your feedback and input. If you feel you have something to add let us know!

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WAM is available by email: or call (204) 284-7355.

Winnipeg Alternative Media is owned by:
Todd McDougall and Josh Sigurdson with the help of many voluntary contributors.