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Tonight, LIVE on Freedom Free For All at 7:00pm PT, Josh Steffler, Brad Rhodes, and Greg Hill provide live coverage and commentary of the Canadian Federal Election 2015. Watch Live: http://www.freedomfreeforall.com/ _ _ _ The hosts will dissect the voting results and what it means for Canadians  in terms of policy implications for foreign wars, trade, monetary reform, economic manipulation, the security state, and personal freedoms. _ _ _ Join us live on YouTube and chat with us on air! We’ll take your questions and read your comments on-air. WatchRead More
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Tim Moen, Fearless Leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada was the only Federal Party leader brave enough to speak at the Vancouver 420 event at the art gallery. He spoke eloquently about liberty, the failure of the war on drugs and how to move canada forward by ending prohibition. Watch his amazing speech and this election choose the most liberty minded candidtates. Choose team Libertarian and follw them with their hashtag #weareliberty Tim Moen @ 420 Vancouver!    Read More

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WACV & Freedom Free For All @ Vancouver 420

Three (3) members of the WACV crew headed over to Vancouver for a few days and captured some great interviews at the 4/20 celebrations with March Emery, Tim Moen, Dana Larson, and many others. Here is a quick sneak peak!Read More
WACV is hosting a Meet and Greet with the new national leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada, Tim Moen, on  Sunday, August 17th at 7pm at our freedom HQ, Gorgeous Cafe, #103-300 Gorge Rd East. Tim brings some new and fresh energy to the Libertarian party, so come with your tough questions, and listen to the “Fort Mac Philosopher” speak. You can find more information about the Libertarian Party at their website here. You can also follow Tim’s blog, the Fort Mac Philosopher here. Bring a friend or twoRead More

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Watch Live Now – Canada Money Bomb for Tim Moen

Do you want to be part of something historic in Canada? Tim Moen is the Libertarian Candidate who has been making national headlines for his bid to win the upcoming Canadian By-Election for the Fort McMurray / Athabasca riding. Tim has been featured in Reason.com, The Independents on Fox, Sun News, and he has the traction to win the By-Election! Watch the special 12 hour Liberty Machine News broadcast live on the Liberty Machine News website, it’s all in support for Tim Moen’s By-Election campaign in Fort McMurray / Athabasca.Read More