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Watch Freedom Free For All TV – Live Tonight @ 7:30pm PT

We have a highly controversial show tonight. Tune-in to tonight’s LIVE show where Josh Steffler and Greg Hill talk about the Paris shootings at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, the Canadian Prime Minister’s comments about Jihadists declaring war, and the chilling of free speech in Canada. Then stay tuned for half hour round table discussion and interact with the hosts from the live chat room to get your questions and comments on the air. Tonight at 7:30PM Pacific time! (10:30 PM in Ontario) http://new.livestream.com/accounts/4937810/events/3369679 The show is broadcasted by theRead More
Greg Hill Occupy Victoria and We Are Change Victoria

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WACV Featured in Victoria News!

Full article available on VicNews.com (http://www.vicnews.com/news/240852131.html) by  Daniel Palmer – Victoria News posted Jan 17, 2014 at 10:00 AM Tarps and tents transformed Centennial Square into an Occupy encampment more than two years ago. The leader-less group set up shop in early October 2011 outside Victoria City Hall, with several protests taking place on the legislature grounds and in front of financial institutions. And while the merits and impact of Occupy continue to be debated, the News caught up with some of Victoria’s key organizers to get their reflections onRead More
Episode 8 takes a glimpse at the 2011 Occupy Freedom and Solutions Rally held on the steps of the BC Legislature in Victoria on October 15th, 2011. We recap many of the speakers who openly participated in the rally and we take the opportunity to promote the upcoming 2012 Occupy Freedom and Solutions Rally hosted at the BC Legislature on October 20th, 2012.Read More
Perhaps you have heard of the efforts underway in New York City, NY to ‘Occupy Wall Street‘ as ordinary people are coming together to stand against the tyrannical corporatocracy. This is a peaceful assembly of concerned citizens who are fed up with the status quo and big brother colluding with big business behind closed doors to pillage our resources and trample our liberties. As efforts are being taken across Canada to unite under the cause of liberty you are provided an opportunity to OCCUPY VICTORIA. Visit the Occupy Victoria FacebookRead More