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Since the last hearing the transcripts from all hearings to date have been obtained and reviewed. Within them, from the very first page, it is obvious the judicial system of the provincial courts, judiciary, and the judges are an absolute joke in which there is total disregard towards law and justice. Fabricated warrants were never endorsed It has been found and stated on the record. The prosecution has also been caught out referring to prior ‘offenses’ as convictions in which they were in fact and on the record to beRead More
Paul Stein from interviews Robert Arthur: Menard – Freeman on the Land – about the Canadian Common Corps of Peace Officers. “A great idea offering a new peaceful way to create accountability among the Police is the only way of the future” says Rob while preparing for his bon voyage on the sail boat. With top down compartmentalization of corporate power structures, most Police officers do as they are commanded even when it goes against historic values of Canadian Law and the very fabric of a free and democraticRead More
Episode 8 takes a glimpse at the 2011 Occupy Freedom and Solutions Rally held on the steps of the BC Legislature in Victoria on October 15th, 2011. We recap many of the speakers who openly participated in the rally and we take the opportunity to promote the upcoming 2012 Occupy Freedom and Solutions Rally hosted at the BC Legislature on October 20th, 2012.Read More
Fellow Liberty Lovers,Our very own Paul Stein from We Are Change Victoria and Freedom Free For All TV sat down for a one-hour television interview with famous Canadian sovereign freeman Dean Clifford. Dean was interview by SHAW TV that same evening… If you’re interested in this, let us know, let us help. Contact us! Thank you to everyone who contributed to hosting Dean Clifford in Victoria and for producing these television appearances.Read More
It’s been a good week for mainstream media coverage of the Freeman Movement in Victoria. Big thank you to the WACV crew members who tee’d up and helped facilitate these interviews shown below. Join the WACV Facebook Group and let us know what you think! Yesterday morning Robert Arthur Menard was interviewed on CBC Radio “On the Island” at 6:50am for 7 minutes. Come back to this post again and we’ll have the audio/video up soon of the interview. Also, last night Dean Clifford‘s interview with Dan Kahan from “Go!Read More

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