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Season 3: Episode 5. In this weeks episode of Freedom Free For All TV the crew at We Are Change Victoria discuss the ongoing issues around modern day disinformation campaigns by the State. Whether it’s the September 11th government sponsored terrorist attacks or the latest with ISIS government sponsored terrorism in the middle east. Greg Hill opens the show with a quick rundown on 9/11 activities in Victoria, including banner drops, chalking on the Galloping Goose Trail, and the upcoming movie night screening The 9/11 Chronicles – Truth Rising. GregRead More
Incredible Live TV Footage of Ted Smith Jumping to Action to Extinguish Centennial Square Fire on 420 Day Victoria, BC – Josh Steffler, television show host of Freedom Free For All TV and We Are Change Victoria caught exclusive live footage of a fire in Centennial Square during the 420 Day Celebrations. Stay tuned for more exclusive footage of the fire and the superhero who put it out Ted Smith of Check back shortly for the full story and full video coverage. Media who are interested in using ourRead More