Tim Moen leader of the Canadian Libertarian Party has released this statement on the new “anti-terror” bill C-51. The only principled and courageous stance considering all the mainstream dinosaur parties are in favouir one way or another. The Conservative government, with the support of the Liberal Party, is seeking to pass new anti-terror legislation with Bill C-51. The Libertarian Party of Canada opposes this legislation whole heartedly. Although everyone wants to stop terrorism, this bill is a huge step backwards. It is yet another example where Canadians are being forcedRead More
The renowned Dr. Tim Ball was recently on our TV show, Freedom Free For All, to announce his upcoming debate with Green MP Elizabeth May. The debate will be on CFAX 1070AM radio and you can listen to it live on the internet <here> So be sure to tune in on March 16th at 1:00pm PST. This has been a long time coming since Miss May had a debate set up for last summer but could never find the time to get on Ian Jessop’s show the same time asRead More
Shots in the Dark-feature
How safe and effective are vaccines? Join us for this open community film screening of “Shots in the Dark: Silence on Vaccine” a documentary highlighting vaccine injuries with reporting from Federal Governments, the World Health Organization, Doctors from around the world and most importantly PARENTS! Stay for the roundtable discussion after the film. Engage with members of your community and connect locally. We will be giving away prizes and sharing important perspectives. See you at Gorge-ous Coffee, 300 Gorge Rd. West, at 7:00pm on Sunday, March 1st. Event Link: More
Recently a young woman of 14 years of age was strip searched at a public school in Quebec. Her teacher suspected her of being in possession of some marijuana after confiscating her phone and reading her text messages. ANOTHER ILLEGAL ACT BTW! After a teacher confiscated her phone and saw a text, the student was escorted to a room and asked to take off her clothes behind a blanket. The search left her feeling “intimidated,” “violated,” “destroyed” and “ashamed,” according to the Journal de Québec. To make matters even worse,Read More
Josh recently talked about and showed a video on our FFFA live broadcast about a recent CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) that no dinosaur media seemed interested in covering. The video comes from a group on youtube called “Suspicious Observers”, and you can find their youtube channel <here>. These good men and women put together the best open source information on the planet and tie it all together, from sun spot activity to earthquakes and magnetic field fluctuations, you can find all sorts of information here, and they produce a dailyRead More
This article written by Kevin Geary Founder of really brings some pertinent questions and much needed sanity into the current media driven vaccine “debate” we currently are facing in the the Dinosaur Media realm. Here are some of my favourite parts of the article: “Let’s fix the misuse of the word ‘consensus’.” The Definition: An idea or opinion that is shared by *all* the people in a group. (Edit: Yes, I’m fully aware of how it’s *commonly* used. I’m also emphasizing this point because…) How it’s used in theRead More
Recently on WAC Victoria’s TV show, Freedom Free For All, our own Josh Steffler reported on the propaganda behind the world leaders “leading” the march in Paris for free speech. You can see the show on our Live stream channel (click here). We promised the links we showed on the episode and here are also some bonus links exposing these people as the real enemies of free speech. We are all aware of the photo and general image that the dinosaur media is pushing on us to make us believeRead More
We have an excellent live webisode of Freedom Free For All TV tonight at 7:30pm PT. Josh Steffler kicks us off in high gear following up to the Charlie Hebdo murders in Paris and how the state-run propoganda machine is working overtime. Then special guest host Paul Stein of We Are Change Victoria will deliver an important expose on 9/11 media spin and Canadian Members of Parliament skirting the issues. Watch live tonight at 7:30pm Pacific Time and join the online chatroom to have your voice heard during our roundtableRead More
Liberty Machine News presents a new  film “Hidden Influence: The Rise of Collectivism” the first chapter in the ‘Hidden Influence’ film series. We are proud to announce the world premier of ‘Hidden Influence’ on Sunday, February 1st, during a special film screening in Victoria, BC hosted by We Are Change Victoria and Libertarians in Canada. Stay tuned to Liberty Machine News for more information on the release of the first installment of this groundbreaking documentary film series. This chapter lays the foundation for the rest of the series, don’t missRead More
We have a highly controversial show tonight. Tune-in to tonight’s LIVE show where Josh Steffler and Greg Hill talk about the Paris shootings at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, the Canadian Prime Minister’s comments about Jihadists declaring war, and the chilling of free speech in Canada. Then stay tuned for half hour round table discussion and interact with the hosts from the live chat room to get your questions and comments on the air. Tonight at 7:30PM Pacific time! (10:30 PM in Ontario) The show is broadcasted by theRead More
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Check out the weekly live show from your brothers in liberty, We Are Change Victoria on tonight at 7:30pm Pacific Time! It’s going to be an epic show on the new tax increases in BC and recent earthquakes off our coast, plus we will cover deception and how it applies to the new carbon religion. Also look for the premier of a brand new slickly produced trailer for Richard Heathen’s new film Hidden Influence: The Rise of Collectivism, released by Liberty Machine News! More
We had many awesome events and interviews this year! 2014 had some terrible events but the most positive and interesting interview I had this year was with Ted Smith of Hempology 101 at the annual 4/20 event. This is amazing TV where a fire breaks out while we are filming the interview and our guest leaps into action and puts out the fire!! this is WAC Victoria EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE! httpv:// More
We are screening the documentary film ‘The Human Microchipping Agenda’ at Gorgeous Coffee starting at 7:00pm. Free copies of the film will be able at the screening. More
We are screening the underground documentary sensation film ‘Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove’ at Gorgeous Coffee starting at 7:00pm. Free copies of the film will be able at the screening.Read More

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Freedom Slam

We Are Change Victoria in partnership with Freedom Free For All presents FREEDOM SLAM! An evening for freedom with an open mic and featured speakers to share solutions for the future. Come join this unique event at the awesome Gorgeous Coffee house and share what freedom means to you! Some amazing speakers lined up! UPDATE: _ _ _ _ _ Check out the speakers from last week’s Freedom Slam Event: We Are Change Victoria Freedom Slam – Josh Steffler We Are Change Victoria Freedom Slam – Greg Hill We AreRead More
It’s been 13 years since the 9/11 government sponsored, false flag terrorism attacks in the United States. Millions of individuals from around the world are demanding a new investigation with subpena powers to indict those with foreknowledge in a court of law with a citizen grand jury. There were 24 Canadians who were murdered on 9/11 in the attacks. However, the Official 9/11 Commission failed to investigate the most basic components of 9/11 including the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7. The Co-Chairman of the 9/11 Commission, Thomas KeeneRead More
Season 3: Episode 5. In this weeks episode of Freedom Free For All TV the crew at We Are Change Victoria discuss the ongoing issues around modern day disinformation campaigns by the State. Whether it’s the September 11th government sponsored terrorist attacks or the latest with ISIS government sponsored terrorism in the middle east. Greg Hill opens the show with a quick rundown on 9/11 activities in Victoria, including banner drops, chalking on the Galloping Goose Trail, and the upcoming movie night screening The 9/11 Chronicles – Truth Rising. GregRead More
Join us on Sunday, Sept.14th, at 7:00pm, for a free film screening of The 9/11 Chronicles – Truth Rising, produced by Luke Rudkowski, the Founder of We Are Change. Everyone in the community is welcome to attend and receive a free copy of the film. Details: Date: Sunday, Sept 14th Time: 7:00pm Location: Gorge-ous Coffee Address: Suite 103-300-Gorge Rd W Saanich, BC V9A1M8 See you there!Read More
In this weeks episode of Freedom Free For All TV the crew at We Are Change Victoria discuss the ongoing issues around government dismissal and denial of significant international issues. Josh Steffler opens the show with an update on fallout from the Fukushima disaster in Japan and how ‘Smart’ Meters cause major safety concerns as well as health and privacy issues. Josh is then joined by Greg Hill to discuss the upcoming event in Victoria “Tax Collection is Slavery” to be held on Tuesday, Sept.16th from 7:00pm-9:00pm at Camosun CollegeRead More

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Tax Collection is Slavery Tour

C.L.E.A.R. (Common Law Education and Rights) proudly presents, in association with We Are Change Victoria as part of the Freedom Seminar Series – Jean Serge Brisson, following the release of this book: Tea Party of One. Do you run a small business in Canada? Are you a sole proprietor who’s confused or learning about your tax obligations? Do you collect municipal, provincial or federal taxes simply because you’re afraid of the penalties if you don’t? Are you tired of spending countless hours on paperwork and remittances without any compensation forRead More