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In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to British MP Jeremy Corbyn about the current situation in Gaza and how to deal with Israel.Read More

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Fake Skeptics & The “Conspiracy Theorist” Slur

Remind you of anyone? People who are afraid of honest conversation and open debate? Those who hide behind slander and empty rhetoric? This Blunts for you!Read More
Canadian Government Dishes Out $34M of Your Money in 2011 to George Soros Globalist Funded CIGI MORE ENEMIES OF FREEDOM After some digging on the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) website I found that these globalist freaks have created the ‘Council of Councils‘ with the mission “to find common ground on shared threats, build support for innovative ideas, and inject remedies into the public debate and policymaking processes of member countries.” The founding membership of the Council of Councils includes leading institutions from nineteen (19) countries, roughly tracking the compositionRead More

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Key to our future – Be the change friends

Members of WE ARE CHANGE Ottawa attempts to follow up with Paul Dewar regarding the 9/11 Petition we submitted to his office.. We need everyone to follow up and show Paul Dewar that this is an important issue to Canadians. The future is up to you. We would ask everyone to do is copy and paste this message below to Paul Dewar (paul.dewar@parl.gc.ca): or print this as a paper copy and mail it to his office. ( NO POSTAGE REQUIRED WHEN SENDING TO A MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT ) Twitter: @PaulDewarRead More

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WACV and FreedomFreeForAll.com – Rob Menard Interview

Robert Menard of the Canadian Common Corps of Peace Officers (C3PO).Read More
On November 21, 2012, members of We Are Change Victoria confronted nominee of the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, regarding Canada’s involvement in the NATO led invasion of Libya and the use of depleted uranium. The question and answer was held at the University of Victoria during a Town Hall style meeting as part of Justin Trudeau’s cross Canada tour promoting his campaign to become the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. Visit http://www.WeAreChangeVictoria.org or findRead More