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Join We Are Change Victoria for our monthly movie night and screening of documentary film ‘State of Mind – The Psychology of Control’. The movie starts at 7:15pm on Sunday, Jan.5th and everyone is welcome. Admittance is free and we’ll have some DVDs plus other cool stuff available by donation. Join us at Gorge-ous Coffee and meet some new like-minded people in your community. Watch the trailer:  Read More
Since the last hearing the transcripts from all hearings to date have been obtained and reviewed. Within them, from the very first page, it is obvious the judicial system of the provincial courts, judiciary, and the judges are an absolute joke in which there is total disregard towards law and justice. Fabricated warrants were never endorsed It has been found and stated on the record. The prosecution has also been caught out referring to prior ‘offenses’ as convictions in which they were in fact and on the record to beRead More

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Elephant In The Room: Fukushima

Fukushima Daiichi disaster is a topic that some have attempted to downplay, yet there is more to this topic than many unaware people are conscious of. After the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant suffered critical failures on March 11th 2011, four of the plant’s six nuclear reactors were seriously damaged and the other two had barely functioning cooling processes. On September 19th 2013, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ordered Tokyo Electric Power Co. to dismantle all six reactors. The Japanese government officially admitted in August of 2013 that Fukushima isRead More
In Episode 6 Brad Rhodes host of ‘Rhodes Rage’ reviews the issues of chemtrails aka Stratospheric Geo-Engineering and perception management. Brad covers GMO foods, David Suzuki’s weak sauce, Canad’s involvement in Libya and the use of depleted uranium. Brad collects interviews from the weak sauce Suzuki and Elizabeth May and takes on NDP Party Leader Thomas Mulcair. Denise Savoie and Randall Garrison run away from questioning on their support for the Libyan invasion but Brad gets a earful from a war monkey whose best arguements revolve around namecalling and personalRead More
In Episode 2 of FFFA we cover the elite controlled implementation of the fraudulent global carbon trading exchange systems which are an obvious scam to establish a new global financial monetary unit ultimately undermining the liberty and individual sovereignty of everyone on the planet in an attempt to establish an elitist system of global governance. Josh Steffler covers serious issues regarding gun control in Canada and local media lies in Victoria. Adam gives a history lesson on our monetary system in Canada and how we have changed our authority fromRead More

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Soldier relives infamous WikiLeaks video

We’re living in the Twilight Zone where the current reality for many who hold the belief that ‘war is peace’ continues to haunt humanity and our planet. How can people justify murder for the hope of security? When did spreading ‘democracy’ through force and death become part of mainstream thought? Where the Fuck is the so called ‘anti-war’ movement? Soldier relives infamous WikiLeaks videoRead More