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Join We Are Change Victoria for our monthly movie night and screening of documentary film ‘State of Mind – The Psychology of Control’. The movie starts at 7:15pm on Sunday, Jan.5th and everyone is welcome. Admittance is free and we’ll have some DVDs plus other cool stuff available by donation. Join us at Gorge-ous Coffee and meet some new like-minded people in your community. Watch the trailer:  Read More

Posted On April 16, 2013By we_are_changeIn Liberty, Social Engineering

How Dare Ye Homeschool Ye Own Children!

Do you own your body? Do your children belong to the State or are they YOUR children? Should you be fined for skipping class or jailed for not ‘educating’ your kids in a public/government run school? “I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate” picks up on the education topic but takes a different stance and angle from “Why I Hate School But Love Education”. This poem talks about how we have been made to think about how education and getting university degrees can give us opportunities toRead More

Posted On February 25, 2013By we_are_changeIn Social Engineering

Is The Media Scripted?

You be the judge. The local news is in complete agreement that you don’t need them to tell you something. News stations everywhere put their own unique spin on Conan’s same-sex wedding news.  Read More