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In this episode of Freedom Free For All Paul Stein from We Are Change Victoria shows the steps he’s taken to protect his family from the harmful radiation of previously installed Smart Meters. He discusses the many areas of threat posed by the new wave of Smart Meters and discusses with Brad Rhodes how Corix and BC Hydro use fear, lies and scare tactics to make you comply. Greg Hill from We Are Change Victoria interviews local activist Lorenzo Bouchard about the protectors of Democracy and how important factual historyRead More
In this episode of Freedom Free For All Josh Steffler from WeAreChangeVictoria.org explores Victoria’s last free water source in the Capital Region. Josh interviews locals from the community who choose freedom water over regulated common water. Josh Steffler also discusses the impact of Vaccine propaganda produced by the collusion of the state and the pharmaceutical companies in order to control profits and public opinion. We Are Change Victoria’s movie night brought many of the local community to learn and share experiences they’ve had regarding their decisions to say NO toRead More
Join We Are Change Victoria at our upcoming movie night hosted at Gorge-ous Coffee this Sunday, November 3rd @ 7:00pm. We will be giving our free seeds and other raffle prizes to attendees. Watch the movie trailer below for Take Back Your Power.Read More
A class action lawsuit is just the thing people can use to put a BIG SPIKE into the Slave Meter, LibertyDestroying, Property Rights Killing, and Health Deprivating Monster cast on us by the State. When did you decide that BC Hydro and Corix police have authority to enter your property, seize fixtures, and then rig an electric death box to your window? Never. Time to get in on this and join the class action lawsuit to dismantle this form of tyranny. Do not let the State extort you out ofRead More
What do you think about the recent Canada Day bombing plot pursued by the RCMP at the BC Legislature in Victoria? Join the conversation at out Facebook Group and send us your questions, facts, and videos to share. Send to Greg at stop_codex(at)hotmail(dot)com. Here are two videos which ask lots of questions about the suspected terrorist attack:   Here are several quality articles regarding the events asking good questions: Two Arrested For Terrorist Plot To Attack Legislative Building In BC- False flag?: http://canadianawareness.org/2013/07/… Terrorism strikes close to home, Victoria CanadaRead More
It’s been a good week for mainstream media coverage of the Freeman Movement in Victoria. Big thank you to the WACV crew members who tee’d up and helped facilitate these interviews shown below. Join the WACV Facebook Group and let us know what you think! Yesterday morning Robert Arthur Menard was interviewed on CBC Radio “On the Island” at 6:50am for 7 minutes. Come back to this post again and we’ll have the audio/video up soon of the interview. Also, last night Dean Clifford‘s interview with Dan Kahan from “Go!Read More