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Hello all, Just a friendly reminder that your local Freedom Free For All TV show is airing again this weekend! The Canadian Common Corps of Peace Officers with Robert Menard – Meet the other side of the Canadian Freeman Movement and the Canadian Common Corps of Peace Officers. Contrary to mainstream media’s usual blatant omissions and distortions, this episode of Freedom Free For All will show you the raw and passionate side of a growing movement based on the respect and dignity of the human person and the rule ofRead More

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Pitkin v. Goliath

An epic example of courage and drawing your line in the sand; this is one to remember when you face your next challenge with immoral and unlawful orders. What is RS 2477? It is a provision of federal law supporting the actions of these courageous townspeople. Though repealed in 1976, its powerful effects are not repeal-able. It is about preservation of public property, i.e. rights of way. It is a matter of liberty!! Of the freedom to travel! Vision, knowledge, and guts are the real powers behind what happened inRead More

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Government is a bully

Adam Kokesh lays down a clear description of how forced collectivism and Statism is unethical by principle. #196 Government is a bully To hear the full podcast: Please address love mail to adam@adamvstheman.comRead More

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Walter E Williams – A Philosophy Of Self-Ownership

Walter Williams lays its down in simple terms how property rights protect the individual and in turn everyone. Professor Williams explains the basic premise from which he operates. http://www.LibertyPen.comRead More
Quick Update: We have held interviews with CTV News, Victoria News, Nexus, the Martlet, CFAX, The Q, and are listed in the Times Colonist today. Note: We host weekly meetings at QV’s Cafe every Sunday night @ 7pm and welcome people to come. Good food. Good people. Good coversation. QV’s Cafe is located on the corner of Government St. and Fisgard. – – – – – – – – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 10 October 2011 WALL STREET PROTESTS INSPIRE CITIZENS TO ‘OCCUPY VICTORIA’ AND PRONOUNCE REDRESS OF GREIVENCES AGAINST FRAUDULENTRead More
Perhaps you have heard of the efforts underway in New York City, NY to ‘Occupy Wall Street‘ as ordinary people are coming together to stand against the tyrannical corporatocracy. This is a peaceful assembly of concerned citizens who are fed up with the status quo and big brother colluding with big business behind closed doors to pillage our resources and trample our liberties. As efforts are being taken across Canada to unite under the cause of liberty you are provided an opportunity to OCCUPY VICTORIA. Visit the Occupy Victoria FacebookRead More