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Fellow Liberty Lovers,Our very own Paul Stein from We Are Change Victoria and Freedom Free For All TV sat down for a one-hour television interview with famous Canadian sovereign freeman Dean Clifford. Dean was interview by SHAW TV that same evening… If you’re interested in this, let us know, let us help. Contact us! Thank you to everyone who contributed to hosting Dean Clifford in Victoria and for producing these television appearances.Read More
What do you think about the recent Canada Day bombing plot pursued by the RCMP at the BC Legislature in Victoria? Join the conversation at out Facebook Group and send us your questions, facts, and videos to share. Send to Greg at stop_codex(at)hotmail(dot)com. Here are two videos which ask lots of questions about the suspected terrorist attack:   Here are several quality articles regarding the events asking good questions: Two Arrested For Terrorist Plot To Attack Legislative Building In BC- False flag?:… Terrorism strikes close to home, Victoria CanadaRead More
On Thursday, April 11th, at the University of Victoria, several unnamed assailants disguised as journalists broke into the NDP Rally for Change and interrogated four unsuspecting Members of the Legislative Assembly. ;-P  Okay, maybe it didn’t go down just like that, but I get a snicker out of watching these ‘representatives’ squirm a bit. A few familiar faces from We Are Change Victoria took it upon themselves to create the opportunity for four MLAs to get some “tv” time. The dash for the camera and well-timed photo-op was too irresistibleRead More
Hello all, Just a friendly reminder that your local Freedom Free For All TV show is airing again this weekend! The Canadian Common Corps of Peace Officers with Robert Menard – Meet the other side of the Canadian Freeman Movement and the Canadian Common Corps of Peace Officers. Contrary to mainstream media’s usual blatant omissions and distortions, this episode of Freedom Free For All will show you the raw and passionate side of a growing movement based on the respect and dignity of the human person and the rule ofRead More
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Just a friendly reminder that your local Freedom Free For All TV show is back in action for 2013 with a line up of local video productions! Write to us at for suggestions, comments, and interview inquiries for our show. This weeks show is ‘Smart Meters, Community Leaders & Bankers’ – a mix of smart meter safety tips, monetary reform strategies and a little something about the Committee of 300. This grass roots community production is your source for alternative news and opinions that will help shape the future.Read More
Tune into Channel 4 SHAW tv this weekend for the latest episode of Freedom Free For All. Air Times for Shaw Channel 4 Saturday, Sept. 22 11am & 11:30pm Sunday, Sept. 23 10am & 9pm Investigative journalist Brad Rhodes from We Are Change Victoria presents his concerns regarding the lack of media and political attention regarding Chemtrails, the phenomenon also known as Contrails. Brad Rhodes also exposes the real opinion of new leader of the NDP party – Tom Mulcare with his powerful question about the illegal occupation in LibyaRead More