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FFFA – Season 5: Episode 5 – CFAX Radio Ambush, Climate Communism, George Soros INET

Tuesday, 15 December 2015 @ 7:30pm (Pacific Time) – Victoria, BC, Canada

FFFA – Season 5: Episode 5 – CFAX Radio Ambush, Climate Communism, George Soros INET

Watch Live: www.FreedomFreeForAll.com or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMxMn-3hOMo

Tonight the crew at FFFA TV are joined live in studio with our honourary guest Dr. Tim Ball, world famous climatologist and freedom fighter who challenges the IPCC narrative of anthropogenic global warming. We will be taking your questions and for folks living in Victoria you will be able to watch our previous episodes featuring Dr. Tim Ball soon on Shaw Cable Channel 4; we will post the air dates/times.

Josh Steffler is fired up with some awesome calls he made into CFAX1070 AM radio to tackle the lamestream media’s bias about 9/11, climate alarmism, and even Donald Trump. You will get a good laugh and sigh out of these on air smack downs by Mr. J-Steffler.

Brad Rhodes shows us how climate change hysteria is modern day green communism. Brad includes several excellent videos and reports which uncover climate change as psuedoscience.

Greg Hill pukes a little bit in his mouth after reading the front cover of the Times Communist (Colonist) featuring Elizabeth May. Al Gore also gets an ass-whooping in tonights episode along with globalist George Soros.

Watch Live: www.FreedomFreeForAll.com or www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMxMn-3hOMo

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1) Angry Beard promo

2) Andrew Weaver v Josh Steffler

3) Jamie Scott Vs Greenpeace

4) CFAX call in on Trump and 9-11

5) Global Warming; 31,487 Scientists say NO to Alarm

6) Spanish Inquisition Meme

7) World leaders as never before kick start Climate talks at Paris COP21

8) SUPREME SOVIET 1983 Full Version

9) Climate Change is Unfalsifiable Woo-Woo Pseudoscience

10) Elizabeth May Tweet with Al Gore

11) Al Gore Meme 1

12) Al Gore Meme 2

13) Al Gore once again exposed as disingenuous fraud

14) Al Gore’s Lies Exposed By Congress

15) Economic Growth, Climate Change and Environmental Limits ($50 donations receive a 1oz Silver Canadian Maple Leaf)
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Donate to FFFA:www.FreedomFreeForAll.com/donate ($50 donations receive a 1oz Silver Canadian Maple Leaf)

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