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FFFA – Season 5: Episode 4 – Dispensary Raids, Promissory War, and an Ode to the SWJ

Tuesday, 8 December 2015 @ 7:30pm (Pacific Time) – Victoria, BC, Canada

FFFA – Season 5: Episode 4 – Dispensary Raids, Promissory War, and an Ode to the SWJ

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Tonight on FFFA truth vision we are joined with Josh Sigurdson, Founder of World Alternative Media, a citizen journalist platform focused on asking questions the mainstream media doesn’t. Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba this champion of liberty is a seasoned gumshoe journalist with mega street cred for all his epic work and genuine passion for helping freedom thrive.

Josh Steffler smashes the recent government raids on peaceful marijuana dispensaries across Canada and rails against Shiny Pony’s (Justin Trudeau) new Justice Minister. Josh brings a natural wit and humour so be sure to tune in.

Brad Rhodes has gone through the archives of Presidential decrees to show verbatim skullduggery by State puppets to bring nations into war while spouting peace and non-aggression. From 100 years ago to today the operators of the war machine continue to play the same dirty tricks on the public.

Greg Hill takes a moment to give an Ode to the Social Justice Warrior (SWJ). Armed with facts and some rousing satire he shares some comedic content on political correctness in today’s era of the SJW who seek the destruction of free speech and vociferous concern over masculinity.

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2) Cannabis crackdown: Nanaimo pot shops raided by RCMP

3) Vernon RCMP explain visits to medical marijuana dispensaries

4) RCMP raid Sechelt dispensary

5) Mission RCMP seize marijuana in Deroche

6) Saskatoon Cops Make Good on Promise to Crack Down on Pot, Raid Medical Dispensary

7) Halifax police raid marijuana dispensary

8) B.C. marijuana shops illegal say feds, as RCMP crackdown

9) Nanaimo marijuana dispensaries raided by RCMP

10) Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada Mandate Letter

11) Ucluelet man upset after medical pot seized

12) We will legalize, regulate, and restrict access to marijuana

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14) Secrets of World War I (2 of 5)

15) FDR’s Campaign Promise

16) Obama: No boots on the ground in Syria

17) Turkey will regret shooting down Russian plane: Putin

18) Freedom Free For All – Rhodes Rage – Chemtrails, Tom Mulcair, and Libya

19) Prom Palace – Music for the Royal Fireworks

20) Royal Sound Effects: Mp40

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22) Joe Rogan on Political Correctness and Fascist SJWs

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