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Climate Change Townhall – Public Event featuring Dr. Tim Ball

Join your local community members for a Public Townhall event on Climate Change featuring keynote speaker Dr. Tim Ball. We Are Change Victoria is honour to host this important community event at Gorgeous Coffee on Sunday, Nov.22 @ 7:00pm. Dr. Tim Ball will be discussing environmentalism and the climate in advance of the COP21 Climate Change Conference in Paris, France.

Admission is free and there will be a door prize for all attendees. We will also be hosting a draw for a 1oz silver Canadian Maple Leaf coin.

Engage in this timely opportunity to discuss climate change and invite your friends and family to participate.


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  1. I appreciate Dr. Tim Ball’s analysis as far as it goes, as he acknowledges Agenda 21 and the eugenicist endgame of massive population reduction, which is pure evil.

    However, I have noticed that he is hesitant or reluctant to admit the obvious geoengineering that is going on over the Capital Regional District, and indeed, over most of the developed nations in the Northern Hemisphere.

    Frankly, it is also disappointing that Christopher Moncton, Marc Morano and many other so-called ‘skeptics’ do the same thing.

    Why don’t they look up?

    The Coalition Against Geoengineering, led by American filmmaker Michael J. Murphy, seems to be one of the few groups that gets the big picture.

    Anthony J. Hilder and Aircrap.org are excellent also.

    However, I find that even Dane Wigington of Geoengineering Watch confuses things, and for whatever reason, has severed his relationship with Murphy.

    Murphy talks about this parting of the ways in a somewhat veiled way in interviews with the Sage of Quay radio host.

    This is truly tragic, as it is obvious to me that the anti-chemtrails geoengineering movement has been hijacked by ‘climate change’ fanatics, which explains why we don’t seem to be making much headway with the misled people who still think that CO2 is the problem, which, of course, thanks to Ball, Moncton, Morano and many others, we now know is not the truth.

    I pray for a real awakening.

    Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell

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