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WACV Earth Day 2015

Today is Earth Day. All across the globe, countries and governments are “celebrating” the Earth. All across the globe politicians and their followers are using the day to push their agenda of climate communism. Making us all feel bad for our so-called deadly “carbon emissions”. When everyone knows that plants LOVE carbon dioxide, and we have a very synergetic relationship between plants and humans. We breathe what they exhale (so to speak) and they breathe what we exhale (quite literally actually).

Too often I see Earth Day being used by climate alarmists to push a “sky is falling” mantra where we should feel bad for living in a civilization with a very high standard of life. Yes we use oil, everyday in fact. I dont know why we do not use Hemp for more plastics, probably some global consipracy involving aliens, or oil barons or the illuminati…( I only joke a little) I do not want to see Earth Day being used by one faction of the environmental movement, which almost everyone really does belong to , to push tyrannical and authoritarian agendas such as UN Agenda 21, a global Carbon Tax, or depopulation.

Taxes will NEVER solve climate change.
Government will NEVER solve climate change.
climate change happens, all the time, and humans have no business trying to regulate the weather and climate in the first place. In nature, everything is constant change, stagnation means death. Stangnant water anyone????

The real threat to the environment and our planet is WAR. It destroys forests, Remember Agent Orange? It destorys deserts, remember Depleted Uranium being used in the Gulf War? I could go on and on but it is just too depressing…It is realy simple the government and its government funded scientists and propagandists want you to think it is YOU destroying the Earth, taking all the attention off of the government itself. You may think it is corporations doing most of the pollution, but who lets the corporations get away with it and gives them the limited liability to protect their profits if they do cause harm??? Yes my friends the government is the worst polluter of all, and it is the one engaging in wars across our entire planet, now as I type, people are being robbed by coercive taxtion to procure funds to build polluting bombs, and to dig the polluting mines to get the mineals and metals to build their war machines.

There are many things we can do to make our planet cleaner, reduce our waste, and eliminate our individual streams of pollution, but the sad fact remains no matter what we do individually, the government can outdo us all and make our steps forward, as tiny as ants compared to the pollution caused by their wars and weapons.

It really comes down to this simple solution… To save the earth, we MUST stop the government.

Enjoy this short video I made discussing this issue, and remember to be safe, and be free!

-Josh Steffler

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