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#FFFA Freedom Free For All

Welcome friends and curious onlookers! Maybe you have come across this article because you saw some chalk on your morning commute or daily travels? Saw the hashtag #FFFA and wondered what it is about? Well we have some great news for you! You have stumbled across the most liberating live show in Canada today!

Freedom Free For All is a live new media TV Show broadcasting live every single Monday night at 7:30pm pacific time. We talk about all sorts of amazing topics. Have a listen to Josh and Greg to hear just some of the topics of the show

You can also watch the show Live at our Livestream channel <here> or our Freedom TV link on our website <here>join the live chat and ask our guests on the show your questions on live tv. We strive to ave some of the best guests on our roundtable open discussion, so if you have a suggestion leave us a comment as to who YOU would like to see on #FFFA.

-Josh Steffler

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