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Canadian Liberty and the 2015 Federal Election

As all of you know Canada is heading into a Federal Election this year. Social Media and the Internet will be an important place to find information to share about political parties. Most of us are tired with the same old same old Liberal/Conservative/NDP agenda of bigger and bigger government and undermined civil liberties and fundamental freedoms. Tired of the wars, whether it is the war on drugs, the war on terror, or any future war on a noun to create un ending corporate welfare/warfare state. We can rejoice in knowing there is a party climbing in popularity and poses a real threat to the status quo of  todays banal political landscape!!!

The Libertarian Party of Canada is here and is more populr then ever! Tired of bigger and bigger threats to our freedom, many good men and women are taking a stand against government intrusion into our lives, and they have created some new memes to use and share on social media sites to spark conversations about liberty. You can find all of the meme they create on their facebook page found <here>

We need help ringing the liberty bell in Canada, so please share these memes and talk about freedom this election.

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