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Libertarian Party of Canada on Bill C-51

Tim Moen leader of the Canadian Libertarian Party has released this statement on the new “anti-terror” bill C-51. The only principled and courageous stance considering all the mainstream dinosaur parties are in favouir one way or another.

The Conservative government, with the support of the Liberal Party, is seeking to pass new anti-terror legislation with Bill C-51.

The Libertarian Party of Canada opposes this legislation whole heartedly. Although everyone wants to stop terrorism, this bill is a huge step backwards. It is yet another example where Canadians are being forced to sacrifice privacy for what is being called security.

The Bill will give Canada’s spy agencies more powers and more jurisdiction over the private information of innocent Canadian citizens, with no increase in civilian oversight. It also significantly increases the domestic powers of CSIS, and the ability to place people on a no fly list. What makes this Bill especially concerning, is the fact that there is lots of room for interpretation. It significantly and arbitrarily limits free expression, subjects Canadians to ever increasing privacy breaches, and raises questions about foreign travel data-which is being shared with foreign surveillance agencies.

We recognize violent ideologies, such as Islamic extremism, are a threat to Canadians, however; we know that US foreign policy over the last 3 decades has contributed to the rise of this threat and following their prescription is unlikely to do anything but make the problem worse. Our party is committed to solutions that work, that don’t include invading privacy, diminishing due process, or meddling in foreign countries. We want solutions that include a strong military to protect our country and a well armed citizenry.

The Libertarian Party of Canada prides itself on our steadfast dedication to protecting the civil liberties of innocent Canadians, and we plan on making privacy an election issue this election

More Liberty not less liberty is the answer.


Tim Moen- Leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada

for the full text of the bill head to the government website <here> and read it for yourself.

-Josh Steffler

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