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Quebec Education Minister defends teen getting strip searched at public school!

Recently a young woman of 14 years of age was strip searched at a public school in Quebec. Her teacher suspected her of being in possession of some marijuana after confiscating her phone and reading her text messages. ANOTHER ILLEGAL ACT BTW! After a teacher confiscated her phone and saw a text, the student was escorted to a room and asked to take off her clothes behind a blanket. The search left her feeling “intimidated,” “violated,” “destroyed” and “ashamed,” according to the Journal de Québec.

To make matters even worse, and I know it is hard to get worse then that…The Quebec Minister of Education defended the actions of the school. CBC reported <here> that “Quebec Education Minister Yves Bolduc says high school staff are permitted to strip-search students, as long as it’s done “in a respectful fashion.” After much righteous outrage, Yves Bolduc has backtracked on his statement prompting Bolduc to announce that he will re-examine the policy on allowing high school staff to carry out strip searches.

“We want to protect students who go to school, because that’s what parents and society ask us to do,” Bolduc said Wednesday.

“But at the same time, we have to protect the rights of people when there are suspicions.”

let those 2 comments sinnk in for a few moments….are you outraged? furious? deeply concerned? YOU SHOULD BE.

Let me be very clear here friends and compatriots, there is absolutely NO WAY a strip search of a teenager can be done in a respectful fashion!!! This is more and more the undermining of our civil rights and liberties by the ever growing state. I understand this is Quebec and not BC, but this is becoming very repitious where the public school system underimines our families and treats children as chattel and not like living breathing individuals with rights.

For those interested there is an online petition calling for this disgusting minister’s resignation, though I think all of our readers know the government will never respond to an online petition…nonetheless you can find it <here>

If you really outraged you can find ALL of this weirdo’s contact information <here> if you want to send an email, or a phone call. If you do send him something, we would love to see the correspondence and would gladly put it on our website and possibly our weekly live TV show Freedom Free For All.

-Josh Steffler

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  1. They found no drugs on her, they violated her right to a phone call and legal counsel.

    Likely did not inform her of her rights being like most School staff they have no clue about Rights and Freedoms.

    No warrant to look at her phone.. Big fat settlement…

    Life, liberty and security of person

    7. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.
    Marginal note:Search or seizure

    8. Everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure.
    Marginal note:Detention or imprisonment

    9. Everyone has the right not to be arbitrarily detained or imprisoned.
    Marginal note:Arrest or detention

    10. Everyone has the right on arrest or detention

    (a) to be informed promptly of the reasons therefor;

    (b) to retain and instruct counsel without delay and to be informed of that right; and

    (c) to have the validity of the detention determined by way of habeas corpus and to be released if the detention is not lawful.

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