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FFFA TV – Episode 7: Will Abram American Monetary Institute Address

Will Abram from Maple Bay, BC presents his final lecture to the American Monetary Institute about the history of Canada’s national bank – the Bank of Canada. Will Abram will forever be remembered for his love for humanity and dedication to truth for the benefit for all humans.

Listen as Will unfolds the timeline of the Bank of Canada – something never done before. Will leaves a legacy and a path for YOU the viewer to continue with his undivided and groundbreaking research.

Will Abram will forever be missed but remembered as a man loyal to his fellow brothers and sisters, who devoted his life to love and compassion for making a better world for all.

If you are watching this video and are passionate about creating the world you wish to see, a world that you envision everyday as you plug along the path that seems so dark, deceptive and dreary, remember that you have the power within yourself – just as Will Abram did to make a real difference.

Only when YOU discover this inner power will the PTB realize their demise, that the illusions that captivate our reality are only that – illusions.

Thank you Will for having the ability to share your historic research, exemplary vision of what can be and life experience to the rest of us Souls on Board!


Will Abram: 1928 – 2012 RIP

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