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FFFA TV – Episode 2: Carbon Trading, Gun Control, Banking, RFID Chips

In Episode 2 of FFFA we cover the elite controlled implementation of the fraudulent global carbon trading exchange systems which are an obvious scam to establish a new global financial monetary unit ultimately undermining the liberty and individual sovereignty of everyone on the planet in an attempt to establish an elitist system of global governance.

Josh Steffler covers serious issues regarding gun control in Canada and local media lies in Victoria. Adam gives a history lesson on our monetary system in Canada and how we have changed our authority from the Crown to the Bank of Canada to private institutions which have created a fractional reserve lending system gone mad. Ryan clarifies the big picture of RFID chips, global banking systems, austerity, and the BC governments plans for a all-in-one identification card which will subjugate your ability to lawfully maintain privacy and important civil liberties. Greg throws some hard questions at a media panel at UVic discussing the G20 Summit in Toronto and media collusion with our government.


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