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FFFA TV – Episode 12: Robert Menard Interview: Canadian Common Corps of Peace Officers (C3PO)

Paul Stein from WeAreChangeVictoria.org interviews Robert Arthur: Menard – Freeman on the Land – about the Canadian Common Corps of Peace Officers. “A great idea offering a new peaceful way to create accountability among the Police is the only way of the future” says Rob while preparing for his bon voyage on the sail boat.

With top down compartmentalization of corporate power structures, most Police officers do as they are commanded even when it goes against historic values of Canadian Law and the very fabric of a free and democratic society. Simply looking at the not-so-commonly-known conspired actions of the Police at the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) and the recent G20 in Toronto to incite violence and sabotage civil rights should be enough for all Canadians to be outraged.

Who guards the guards? What measures are currently in place to protect the common civilian from such increased abuse of authority and power? And what is the end game for the Canadian Common Corps of Peace Officers?

“The end goal is a nation of peace and abundance for everyone” says Robert Menard. A special thanks to Dan Dicks from www.PressForTruth.tv for his contribution of revolutionary change!

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