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Freedom Free For All – Rhodes Rage – Chemtrails, Tom Mulcair, and Libya

Tune into Channel 4 SHAW tv this weekend for the latest episode of Freedom Free For All.

Air Times for Shaw Channel 4
Saturday, Sept. 22

11am & 11:30pm

Sunday, Sept. 23
10am & 9pm

Investigative journalist Brad Rhodes from We Are Change Victoria presents his concerns regarding the lack of media and political attention regarding Chemtrails, the phenomenon also known as Contrails. Brad Rhodes also exposes the real opinion of new leader of the NDP party – Tom Mulcare with his powerful question about the illegal occupation in Libya and the damage NATO has caused the people and environment of Libya. This episode will reinforce the idea that all of the mainstream political parties are one in the same and that Canadian sovereignty and freedom is intentionally being undermined for the purpose of International Law and global control. Watch and see a side of the “leaders” we idolize today as the hero’s and saviours of our manufactured society, and make your own opinion regarding their important role in the plan for Global Governance.

If you don’t have tell-lie-vision (TV) cable access, feel free to watch the episode online,

If you know anyone who would be interested in this episode, please feel free to forward the link.

Thanks again to those who support freedom of the press and local community access television!

Paul Stein
Victoria BC

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  2. Get a life.
    Chemtrails are contrails — and nothing more.
    There is no “extra” radiation from smart meters.
    And your show on 9/11 conspiracy is so much old hat and geek Internet theorizing. Osama Bin Laden himself is on record (several times) taking responsibility for the attacks on the WRC. And yes, there might indeed be explosions in a large building after a fully fuel loaded jet hits it. Good grief. Find another line of work. I don’t like George Bush and am not particularly enamoured of the current Cdn Govt — but you and your like are loons. The only problem is that some light-headed types might actually believe you.

    • Hello F.P.Crober, From your response its seems as though you watched both shows! Great to see that you found them interesting for you to enjoy your time with.

      Do you have any resources or information you wish to share?

      I would love to have a look at your contradictions in detail to review why you are right and others are wrong. Open opportunity for you to tell people more about your views.

      Below are some quick links regarding your points above.

      Chemtrails: The Centre for International Governance in Ontario which received over $34 million in funding from the Canadian Government last year might be interested in what you have to say:

      Smart Meters: Here are about 800 peer reviewed scientific papers on Smart Meters regarding medical effects of RF and EMF for you to look through:

      9/11: Here are over 1,700 architects and engineers who have documented evidence, no conspiracy, just evidence:

      Osama Bin Laden: Here is the official transcript from CNN of the first in depth interview with Osama in which he does not take responsibility for 9/11 and clearly describes his version of history between the USA over war and occupation: – Not defending Osama just illustrating mainstream news from what he personally addressed regarding 9/11.

      Anyways, I will put down a good wager that you’ll be watching our next series of shows on television. Keep us posted on what you think!

  3. thank you for your work

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